A Boutique Brand Focused in Creating a Mix Between British Style, Italian Elegance and Nordic Irreverence.


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Havelcok Box Blue Vibram Recycled Sole

We are a Boutique Brand. We are a Small, Intimate and Personal Brand. Our purpose is creating a mix between British Style, Italian Elegance and Nordic Irreverence.

Our Products will make you feel Proud and Powerful.

The British Style brings You the best designs, that have lasted the test of time, and perfectly engineered lasts to maximize comfort and durability.

The Italian Elegance updates the classic British designs tweaking them to achieve a final piece that embodies all the characteristic of a Luxury shoe.

Nordic Irreverence brings us the capability of deconstructing a classic shoe and transform it into a minimal sneaker, or pic up the exact same shoe and add extra bold leathers, soles and trimmings to make it the most special product you can find.