A Boutique Brand Focused in Creating a Mix Between British Style, Italian Elegance and Nordic Irreverence.


Havelcok Box Blue Vibram Recycled Sole

We are a Boutique Brand. We are a Small, Intimate and Personal Brand. Our purpose is creating a mix between British Style, Italian Elegance and Nordic Irreverence.

Our Products will make you feel Proud and Powerful.

The British Style brings You the best designs, that have lasted the test of time, and perfectly engineered lasts to maximize comfort and durability.

The Italian Elegance updates the classic British designs tweaking them to achieve a final piece that embodies all the characteristic of a Luxury shoe.

Nordic Irreverence brings us the capability of deconstructing a classic shoe and transform it into a minimal sneaker, or pic up the exact same shoe and add extra bold leathers, soles and trimmings to make it the most special product you can find.

Brand Identity

What is your BRAND all about?

Our philosophy is  to build amazing products made out from the highest quality materials available with gorgeous designs that you won’t find anywhere else. Our build quality and originality can be felt when you pic up our products. And once you’ve worn them you will never get enough of them.

Define it in 2 or 3 words.

Luxury Boutique Brand

How did you arrive at this Style? Where did you come from?
We evolved from a Made to Measure Brand making footwear inspired in British Designs and arrived at a place where we felt comfortable altering their designs. The result was: a Goodyear Welted Collection updated with amazing Vibram soles and avant garde designs; a Sneaker Collection also based in classic British and American designs but with a minimal approach (we reduced the shoes to their bare bones and then upgraded the sneakers with an amazing running sole); and a Leather Goods Collection perfect for someone on the go.

What makes you different from all the rest of the Brands?

The personal touch of a Boutique brand. We are all about making our costumer fell special. This is our core, where we started, where we have been for the last 2 years, and where we want to be in the future.

We started out in the Made to Measure Shoes business, and in this part of our Business we learnt that being personal is a good thing,. People like to feel like the belong, this is why our Brand is also Theirs.

What is your vision for the Future of the Brand?

Growth with Stability. Build a core audience that loves and promotes our Brand.  And continue to turn out amazing products.

What will drive me to your Brands and not other?

Ramalhoni is a Brand from people who know to people who care. These people who care are tired of faceless luxury brands where the costumer only pays for promotion and very little for the product. Our focus is on product development. We build a luxury product at a fair price .

What do you think that drives your Brand to be so special?

Great Product. Beautiful Combinations. Underrated Luxury – From People who Know to People who Care.

The Emotion we create when our costumer wears our shoes and our products, is unique. We build products for them and want them to take them home and make them their own.

Explain me the three pillars of your Branding Strategy?

Our 3 pillars are: British Style + Italian Elegance + Nordic Irreverence.

It’s the best combination there is. We want to combine the best of these 3 worlds. Nowadays product development is all about tweaking, even more so in the Fashion Business. This mix is taking tweaking to the max. The British Style (Anglo and American) designs are the base of all our designs, we update it with the elegance and luxury of an Italian twist and top it off with the Irreverence of the Nordic Style, bringing together minimalism in some part of out Collection, and just full on Avant Garde style on the other.

Sample Sale


Made to Measure

Select a model, choose a colour and a sole,  drop us a line to  sales@ramalhonishoes.com,  our Staff will follow up on or Order and Sizing Procedure, and  in 3 to 4 week you will receive your pair of Made to Measure Ramalhoni Shoes.


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